General Greene: OPEN

This review is very tardy, especially given that I wrote it up while they were still doing a drinks and bar food preview. Regardless, I was extremely impressed with the experience. general greene

First off, the staff has their stuff down. Everyone was friendly and prompt and the atmosphere was inviting. Instead of using the entire space (an awkward layout, if you've ever been inside), the owners and manager decided to focus on the front half of the restaurant for now, to get things up and running smoothly. For now, the restaurant's back area is being used as free bike parking (for both staff AND patrons!).

The food was mostly delish (the ribs were perhaps a little too peppery, but still very tasty). We loved the anchovies and radish plate, as well as the eggplant dip! The drink selection was fun and creative, albeit a little pricey. Plus, I don't generally love the whole "small plate" thing, which is how the menu is set up. Still, with four people, a ton of food and two drinks each, we still only ended up paying about $30 per person. Not bad!

the menu!

My verdict: compared to a lot of new places, General Greene has its shit together. Plus, the decor is great and the service is top-notch.

preview night

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