Fulton Flea

Over on the new CHB Forum, there's been a discussion of a brand new flea market beginning on Sept 13.  Some commenters were welcoming, while some asked, "Do we need another flea market in the neighborhood?" Here's the info, in case you want more info or to rent a table.  I'm curious to hear from vendors how it differs from the very successful Brooklyn Flea. I think it might be more beneficial further east on Fulton, but I suppose TriLaFu will have to do :)

The Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center, in an effort to engage in positive community outreach, and to promote good partnership and enhanced visibility, is making their private parking lots available through our group on Sundays starting in mid-September, in order to support the "Fulton Flea" as described below:

The "Fulton Flea" is envisioned as an extension of the dynamic and vibrant activity taking place in the Fort Greene / Clinton Hill scene. Through its location at the hub where Fulton and Lafayette intersect, it can serve as an additional community space where people can meet and engage in the sharing of goods, services and information. Equally, as we align our "values with value" and make sense of the changing economic world, the "Fulton Flea" offers another adaptive opportunity to further the creative spirit of home-based artisan entrepreneurs while blending into the existing commercial merchant infrastructure of our community. Our hope is to stay community-rooted and be diverse and inclusive.

The details: We will be located at 650 Fulton Street in the parking lots of the Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center. We will be called the "Fulton Flea at Brooklyn Plaza" or the "Fulton Flea" for short. We expect to open on Sunday September 13, 2009 and run every Sunday through December 20, 2009. (We will have a bad weather policy in case of extremely inclement conditions.)

We are looking for vendors. We expect our opening prices for non-food vendors will be $75 per week for a 2 week commitment for a 10 x 10 spot (you can sub-divide), $70 per week for a 4 week commitment, and $65 per week for a 6-8 week commitment. We expect to offer some 5 x 10 spots at $40 per week. Tables / chairs will be available on a pre-ordered basis - likely about $10 for a table and $2 for a chair.

Neighborhood Food vendor spots will cost $75 for a 10 x 10 space based on an 8 + week commitment.

Contact kagetter@yahoo.com or call 917 364 5648 after 6 pm for more info.

About the Brooklyn Plaza Medical Center (BPMC): BPMC is a 25 year community rooted non-profit organization dedicated to improving the physical, spiritual, and psychological well being of the residents of north central Brooklyn by providing the highest quality comprehensive family health services. BPMC wants the community to know that they offer quality health care for all residents - and that they care about the well being of the community in a holistic way, inclusive of community economic development, arts and culture.