Lost Cat on St. James Place

I know it's been awhile since I've posted here - that's what happens when renovating a house and simultaneously getting a promotion at work! You all know how much I love pets -- I felt compelled to share this message that just came in to the CHB inbox:

I lost my cat on St. James Place between Gates and Fulton. I fell on the snow and her carrier broke. I would so much like to post her lost flier to your site. I need people to look for her in their back yards and under their stoops. Can you please help? I can't attach the flier I made to this message. Please ask people to look for a very scared solid black cat (with a tiny white spot on the chest.) She's eartipped and very frightened (formerly feral). Please ask from them to call me if they see her so I can pick her up. They should not approach her. She is too scared. Just leave her food if possible, give me the exact location, and I will pick her up. Please help me find Safie, my cat. I am at 212-759-9890. I lost my cell phone while looking for my cat in the snow. Thank You. Liora

Hope all my old readers and neighbors are having a wonderful new year!



Lost Dog in Fort Greene

Received this email recently and had to post it. As someone with pets, I cannot imagine the worry the poor owner feels, knowing that his/her dog has not only been stolen but needs medication and medical attention. There's also a $200 reward (suggestion: return the sick dog and use the $200 to go rescue a homeless dog from the pound). Well known to any who frequent Ft Greene park's off-leash hours, Basil, a 10 year old Yorkshire Terrier, has apparently been stolen. I spotted this poster on Greene Avenue (contains details) at Fulton, and learned a little bit more from the dog's owner, who was at the park this morning. Apparently the Basil was tied up outside a deli on Greene Avenue, and when his owner came out of the store, he was gone. According to witnesses he was last seen headed east on Greene Ave, being lead by a young teenage girl.

The Great PUPkin: October 30

October means Halloween time in the nabe, and it's time to start prepping for one of my favorite events in the city: The Great PUPkin. This will be the 12th annual dog costume contest, hosted by Fort Greene PUPS. The big event will be held October 30 from noon to 1pm, and I expect the competition to be fierce.

The official Westminster Dog Show photographers, Wild Coyote Studios, will be at the event to take dog portrait photography (in or out of costume). The suggested donation for a portrait is $25 (normally $475), and Wild Coyote Studios is donating all proceeds from donations to Fort Greene PUPS.

For more info on prizes, click here.

li'l panda!!!

Start planning, now.

Also in Fort Greene Park that day, the 11th Annual Halloween Festival in Fort Greene Park will offer face painting, hay rides, sack races, entertainment, pumpkins, a costume parade and more, FREE from 12-3pm.

Local Muralist

lisak-150x150 After NYC Pet on Myrtle and Washington opened back in 2008, we wondered who painted the beautiful mural on the exterior of the building.  Now we know- it was Lisa K. Hokans, professional muralist and portrait painter.

Lisa was also the muralist at iStore Green, the green storage facility on Hall between Park and Flushing.


Where else could we use a mural in the neighborhood?

Pet Stores: A Comparison

There's been a lot of internet chatter both here and on the Local about how the neighborhood now has "too many pet stores."  I don't disagree necessarily, but I don't want to wish failure on the new guy just because I'd rather see something else in the space.  Plus, as someone who often buys heavy pet care items (cat litter), and has both a cat and a dog, I'm all for competition if it means the prices, stock and service gets better.  Not to mention an option close-by. So which store is the best overall? I decided to stop at every local pet store (and a few grocery stores) to compare prices on some of the items I buy most to see which shop was Top Dog.

Here's what I was looking for:


  • Wellness dry food, small (47 oz) or medium (6lb)
  • Feline Pine cat litter, 7lb bag
  • Wee Wee Pads, 50-count

Associated (Waverly Ave) Wellness (small) 15.59 Wellness (medium) N/A Feline Pine  4.19 Wee Wee Pads N/A

Nycpet.com (Myrtle Ave) Wellness (small) 12.99 Wellness (medium) 20.99 Feline Pine  8.99 Wee Wee Pads 25.99 (Bonus: friendly in-store cat)

Who's Your Doggy (Willoughby and Adelphi) Wellness (small) N/A Wellness (medium) 17.99 Feline Pine 8.99 Wee Wee Pads 24.99 (Bonus: SUPER friendly in-store cat)

ABC Pet Supply (DeKalb Ave) Wellness (small) 11.99 Wellness (medium) 15.99 Feline Pine 7.99 Wee Wee Pads 19.99

Kiki's (DeKalb Ave) Wellness (small) 13.99 Wellness (medium) 16.99 Feline Pine 6.99 Wee Wee Pads 32.99 (Bonus: buy 10 bags of food, get the 11th free)

Elly's Market (DeKalb Ave) Wellness (small) 16.99 Wellness (large) 18.99 Feline Pine 4.99 Wee Wee Pads N/A

Interesting.  ABC did the best overall, offering the lowest price on 3 of the 4 items I was looking for.  The rest of the stores offered  range of pricing.  The price variation was small enough that I'd probably pick the closest store to me for most of this (aside from the Wee Wee Pads, which I would NOT buy at Kiki's, and the Feline Pine, which I WILL go out of my way to buy at a grocery store and not a pet store).

If you do your own price comparison based on your regular buys, let us know what turns up.

Clinton Hill Dog Run?

Neighbors with dogs have been interested in a full-time dog run for awhile now to cater to those who cannot make off-leash hours (or who have playful dogs who thrive with more exercise off-leash).  It looks like the Myrtle Ave Brooklyn Partnership is organizing a community meeting around the idea of adding a dog run under the BQE.  I'm in favor- the space there is underused, so why not be creative about its potential? Props to MARP for their forward thinking. Here's the info I have from the group:

Please forward this email to any dog owners in the area who might be interested in discussing this and sharing their ideas.  This should be a quick meeting to gauge interest in this idea.  If the community displays to MARP that we like this idea, they will likely back this plan and help it become a reality.  So please spread the word and route your evening dog walk over to clinton ave & the BQE to find out what the buzz is about.
Community Meeting w/ Clinton Hill Dog Run & MARP
RE: Potential BQE 'All-Weather Dog Run'
on Tuesday 4/27 7PM
@ Clinton Ave underneath the BQE
BYO Dog!

ABC Pet Supply Coming to DeKalb

abcpet abcpet2 The fun hat store on DeKalb closed recently, and a pet store will open in its place.  The merchandise has been loaded in over the last week.  No idea yet what it will be like, but this past weekend I could see a whole selection of cat trees / scratching posts in the window.

Will this be an outpost of the ABC Pet Supply on PPW in Windsor Terrace?  (I've never been there - just did a quick Google search).

Negative points for the unimaginative name; positive points for the hearty supply of scratching posts.  What do you think?

(Aside - I remember when there was at most one pet store nearby.  I think perhaps we're reaching our saturation point of pet services.)

Abandoned Pup Needs Home!

From the inbox, a cute pup abandoned at Ft. Greene Park needs a home:

Dear Friends,
Please see the attached photos of Lily. Lily is a one-year-old pit/boxer mix who was found tied up, starving, and abandoned in Fort Greene Park last Monday morning. She has been staying with me and Chad on a foster basis since then, and her sweet disposition completely belies her rough history: she is loving, curious, protective of those who love her, and incredibly intelligent. After mastering her housetraining in less than 48 hours, she amazes us daily with her sense of direction and squirrel hunting ability.
Lily is available for adoption to a loving home. If you know of anyone who might be interested in the greater New York area, please forward along this email. Lily was spayed and microchipped last week and is up to date on all her shots. We would love to keep her, but our space is just too small for another dog, and we don't have enough time to give her all the love and attention she deserves.
Thank you so much.
Petfinder listing here

Fort Greene PUPS Annual Spring Cleaning

This weekend: bring your dog to off leash, help clean up, and earn treats!  This info just in from Fort Greene PUPS:

Every spring in Fort Greene Park, Fort Greene PUPS hosts our annual poop pick-up. We call it a treasure hunt, since it is sometimes difficult to find the offending substance. We realize that runs contrary to what some park users think, but all you have to do is look in one of the trash cans at Fort Greene Park to see that the majority of dog owners do indeed pick up after their dogs. Unfortunately, there are some renegades who are either unobservant or uncaring, so PUPS works to promote responsibility among local dog owners. And since us dog folks use the park 365 days a year, we are usually the ones who end up stepping in dog doo if it gets left behind. Not to mention the hardworking park staff, who get the unenviable task of cleaning up the mess when it's not picked up by dog owners.

In the war against poo, PUPS knows that a once yearly clean-up is a drop in the bucket. We do our best, but as you can imagine, this "event" is a hard sell. To promote this unglamorous affair in the past, we've had a "Grand Poo-Bah" poop weighmaster come in and weigh the amounts picked up, with the winner walking away with a prize.

This year PUPS is trying something new for our annual spring cleaning. We're giving away plastic Easter eggs stuffed with a free poop bag, dog ScooterSnack, and chocolate egg. We'll be in the park during morning off-leash hours this Saturday and Sunday distributing the eggs. If you have a dog, and you use the park, consider it your doo-ty to clean up any leftovers from winter.

The Great PUPkin: Saturday, October 31

boris It's time once again to dress your dog up in costume and bring him or her to Fort Greene Park for the annual Great PUPkin Contest.  I'll be judging again this year (and it's a relief to not have to think of something to top last year's winner- a working dog fountain!).  Bring your A Game.

The 11th Great PUPkin Dog Costume Contest will be held on Saturday, October 31 (rain date November 1) at noon in Fort Greene Park. Held by Fort Greene PUPS, the contest usually has between 60-80 dogs in costumes parading in front of judges for prizes donated by local merchants.

To find out more about the history of the event, I recently chatted with my neighbor Kath Hansen, the founder of PUPS, who has been organizing this annual contest for over a decade as a way to get neighborhood dog owners together. Why does PUPS organize the PUPkin every year? Because I can't wait to see what crazy costumes people will come up with for their dogs. Plus I've been lucky enough to have two dogs in a row who are pretty easy to costume. Is the PUPkin part of the Fort Greene Park Conservancy's Halloween Festival? We started the Pupkin in 1999, and Ruth Goldstein, who was head of the Conservancy back then, thought it was a fun idea. So she expanded on it and the Conservancy has been doing their Halloween Festival since 2000. Their event is larger and geared more toward children, with face painting and games and such. Since they usually have a horse-drawn hayride, we try to keep the dog event separate since dogs can get freaked out by horses. How much does it cost to enter a dog in the competition?  What do you do with the donations raised at the event? It costs $5 per dog for entry.  We use the money to cover the costs of running the event, and to keep the park's poop bag dispensers filled. Each plastic bag costs about five cents. We go through about 200 per week, and that's not even enough. We also occasionally buy trash cans for the park.

What do you tell people who say their dog won't wear a costume? Be sneaky about it. Attach something to their collar or harness and they won't even know they're wearing a costume. Actually, that's how some of the most creative costumes are made.

And how about people who think it's ridiculous to dress up dogs for Halloween? Well, American Idol is ridiculous and people seem to love that! As long as it's doing no harm to the dog, it's hilarious to see them dressed up. You can tell some of the dogs are really into the attention. moneydog

When did this event start, and why?  How many dogs showed up the first year? In 1999. I did it because I had started up Fort Greene PUPS and was trying to think of ways to get more members. I knew of a few people who said they'd dress their dogs in costumes if I put together some sort of judging panel. It was about twenty dogs in costumes. It's sad, but nearly all those dogs are gone now.

What has been your favorite costume to date? The elaborate ones with working parts are always impressive, but I tend to prefer the ones that are simple yet creative. Like the person who dressed their dog in all the things it had destroyed that year. I remember him being festooned in pantyhose, shoes, and pizza boxes. Also, people still remember the Big Bird costume I did for my dog Cameron years ago. I've been told there's a picture of him in this costume hanging at the Applebee's on Flatbush!


Any suggestions for those serious about winning a prize? Store bought costumes never win a prize, unless you're Rosie Perez. I think the judges were starstruck by her, but her dog was in a store bought costume. Things like pumpkins, devils, bats, and angels are cute but there are generally multiple entrants in these sorts of costumes. Costumes that suit the dog's personality or appearance always impress the judges.

The event has moved farther into the park this year, correct? Yes, we're doing this on the stairs at the bottom of the monument, near the crypt. We've gotten complaints that it's too hard to see the contest because it's been all on one level on grass. With the stairs, I hope it will be sort of like stadium seating and everyone can have a view.

What about this year's prizes? The local merchants have been super generous this year. Go on our site to see a list of them all. I am jealous of whoever wins. We will award first, second, and third prizes, and three honorable mentions.

How will participants know for sure if the event is being moved to Nov 1 due to rain?  Will you put something on the PUPS site? Yes, and I'll also send an email to the PUPS list if we have to move it. But I hope we don't because that's also Marathon day.

(Note: check out the interview we did with Kath back in 2006!)

11th Annual Great Pupkin Dog Costume Contest

The 11th Annual Great Pupkin Dog Costume Contest will be held by Fort Greene PUPS once again in Fort Greene Park. Last year's winner was a dog dressed up as the Fort Greene Park dog fountain (and the fountain actually squirted water!) See a gallery of photos past years' contests here. The event will take place on Saturday, October 31 (Halloween), with registration at 11:30 and judging starting at noon sharp. Lesterhead will once again be on the judging panel so bring your game, people! This year, PUPS is moving the location of the contest to the stairs below the monument (at the crypt level). They are hoping people will have better sightlines viewing the contest from the stairs. The rain date will be November 1, same time, same location. Get those dog costumes ready!

Local Pet Photographer Offering Neighborhood Discounts

scottphoto As the owner of a small dog, I am a sucker for all things pet-related (and have not hidden this from our readers). So of course, when local pet photographer Scott Gordon emailed me about his very reasonably-priced pet portrait services, I jumped at the chance to take Marshmallow in for a session.

A chatty, amicable guy, Scott was exceedingly patient with Mallow, who refused to sit still for most of the time.  (She's deaf, which makes it difficult to tell her to "stay.")  When he saw that she needed a break, he took us on short strolls through his apartment and introduced us to his own dog, Tibet -- a large, friendly mutt who loves to play.

Scott, a native New Yorker, has lived in Clinton Hill for 15 years.  Originally lured to the area via a family connection, Scott is a dedicated resident who says he wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  "This is a beautiful neighborhood," he explained.  "Everyone says that when they come to visit.  And it's true!  You just don't say that about Williamsburg."

Since he's lived in the neighborhood for so long, I ask him about the changes he's seen.  "It's changed slowly," he says, "and not too much.  You wouldn't get out of the car 15 years later and say, 'This is a completely different neighborhood!'"

Scott does pet portraits out of his home, or will travel to your abode for a special session.  As a discount for his neighbors, he is offering a 20% discount for CH residents on portraits done in his home studio!

If you have some done, let us know and we can feature them on the blog.  Here are some of Mallow's shots:



Scott Gordon Photography www.sgordonphoto.com

Help Find Laika This Weekend

The owners of Laika the dog (who was stolen from outside the Greene Grape) are arranging search parties this weekend, and are providing food and drink to those who want to help out. Here is the info:

Many people have asked us what they can do to help find Laika. We would like to invite you to help search with us on Saturday. We plan to search at three different times of the day, with lots of flyers and asking lots of people on Fulton, Myrtle and Atlantic Ave Mall.

Beers, food and AC available all day at our house. We meet there first then go out in co-ordinated gangs.

Please let us know which search party you would like to join us on. Our aim is to have a little fun while we do this:

10am 2pm 5pm

Bring bikes, scooters and roller-blades, we will have 100s of posters to distribute.

Thank you --

Natalie Clark Barratt natalie@nowhereland.com t - 917 853 7830

For more info, visit the website that has been set up to document leads and information.

Dog-Napping at Greene Grape - $200 Reward

A husky dog was stolen outside Green Grape last week, while tied up outside.  I noticed the signs posted around the neighborhood over the weekend, and the dog's owner recently reached out to CHB in the hopes of getting her back: Laika, our much loved Husky dog, was taken from outside The Greene Grape on Friday evening - where she was tied up outside.

It seems that Laika was taken by a man in a wheelchair, with long dark wavy hair, mid-forties, tanned or maybe hispanic. He was pushed by a white woman, possibly his nurse. They walked away from The Greene Grape towards Greene Avenue, up towards Clinton Hill.

He has not contacted our vet from her tag, and did not go back to the store. We are very afraid that he plans to keep her. Laika is old and takes medication on a daily basis. I am offering a reward of $200 for his address or name.  Please will you post to your blog?  I am sure he lives locally.


If you know of Laika's whereabouts, please contact her owner: natalie-at-nowhereland-dot-com t - 917 853 7830

Myrtle Pets

I often drive past it, but hadn't ever stopped in.  On a recent sunny weekend, I noticed they had caged birds on the sidewalk.  Intrigued, I stopped in one early Sunday morning. Small but well-stocked (you can buy all of the high-quality stuff here), the owners were very friendly.  Unlike other pet shops in the area, Myrtle Pets actually sells pets -- on my brief trip inside, I noticed fish, colorful birds and even a few puppies.


The birds were really lovely - worth a stop in to look at them for a few minutes if you're passing by.

The awning says they also deliver.

Myrtle Pets 642 Myrtle Ave bt Kent and Franklin 718-783-6298

Another New Vet!

When it rains, it pours! This past wknd, I noticed a new storefront and awning on Fulton between St. James and Cambridge - it's another new veterinary office!


No signage regarding when it's opening, or who the vets are.  Like the signage and branding they have going on.

They do have a website as well, though there's no information. (UPDATE 3.26: LOTS OF INFO ON THE SITE NOW!)

Part of me wonders how many vet offices we can accommodate in the area.  Then again, having to get a cranky cat in a carrier every year, I can attest that the closer the vet is, the better.

BrooklynCares Veterinary Clinic 944 Fulton Street 718-738-5500

Snow + Poo = Annoying

Dear Residents: Just because we received a few inches of snow doesn't mean you're off the hook from picking up your dog's poo.  Even if it was wildly snowing when said dog pooped and immediately covered said poo, snow melts and reveals the hidden poops.

This morning, I saw at least three piles of poo in a ten-foot stretch of the Waverly Ave sidewalk.  There are trash cans at each end of this block (Lafayette and Greene) (unlike between Willoughby and DeKalb, where there are frustratingly no cans and thus more poop is left on the sidewalk).