Fort Greene PUPS Annual Spring Cleaning

This weekend: bring your dog to off leash, help clean up, and earn treats!  This info just in from Fort Greene PUPS:

Every spring in Fort Greene Park, Fort Greene PUPS hosts our annual poop pick-up. We call it a treasure hunt, since it is sometimes difficult to find the offending substance. We realize that runs contrary to what some park users think, but all you have to do is look in one of the trash cans at Fort Greene Park to see that the majority of dog owners do indeed pick up after their dogs. Unfortunately, there are some renegades who are either unobservant or uncaring, so PUPS works to promote responsibility among local dog owners. And since us dog folks use the park 365 days a year, we are usually the ones who end up stepping in dog doo if it gets left behind. Not to mention the hardworking park staff, who get the unenviable task of cleaning up the mess when it's not picked up by dog owners.

In the war against poo, PUPS knows that a once yearly clean-up is a drop in the bucket. We do our best, but as you can imagine, this "event" is a hard sell. To promote this unglamorous affair in the past, we've had a "Grand Poo-Bah" poop weighmaster come in and weigh the amounts picked up, with the winner walking away with a prize.

This year PUPS is trying something new for our annual spring cleaning. We're giving away plastic Easter eggs stuffed with a free poop bag, dog ScooterSnack, and chocolate egg. We'll be in the park during morning off-leash hours this Saturday and Sunday distributing the eggs. If you have a dog, and you use the park, consider it your doo-ty to clean up any leftovers from winter.