Pet Stores: A Comparison

There's been a lot of internet chatter both here and on the Local about how the neighborhood now has "too many pet stores."  I don't disagree necessarily, but I don't want to wish failure on the new guy just because I'd rather see something else in the space.  Plus, as someone who often buys heavy pet care items (cat litter), and has both a cat and a dog, I'm all for competition if it means the prices, stock and service gets better.  Not to mention an option close-by. So which store is the best overall? I decided to stop at every local pet store (and a few grocery stores) to compare prices on some of the items I buy most to see which shop was Top Dog.

Here's what I was looking for:


  • Wellness dry food, small (47 oz) or medium (6lb)
  • Feline Pine cat litter, 7lb bag
  • Wee Wee Pads, 50-count

Associated (Waverly Ave) Wellness (small) 15.59 Wellness (medium) N/A Feline Pine  4.19 Wee Wee Pads N/A (Myrtle Ave) Wellness (small) 12.99 Wellness (medium) 20.99 Feline Pine  8.99 Wee Wee Pads 25.99 (Bonus: friendly in-store cat)

Who's Your Doggy (Willoughby and Adelphi) Wellness (small) N/A Wellness (medium) 17.99 Feline Pine 8.99 Wee Wee Pads 24.99 (Bonus: SUPER friendly in-store cat)

ABC Pet Supply (DeKalb Ave) Wellness (small) 11.99 Wellness (medium) 15.99 Feline Pine 7.99 Wee Wee Pads 19.99

Kiki's (DeKalb Ave) Wellness (small) 13.99 Wellness (medium) 16.99 Feline Pine 6.99 Wee Wee Pads 32.99 (Bonus: buy 10 bags of food, get the 11th free)

Elly's Market (DeKalb Ave) Wellness (small) 16.99 Wellness (large) 18.99 Feline Pine 4.99 Wee Wee Pads N/A

Interesting.  ABC did the best overall, offering the lowest price on 3 of the 4 items I was looking for.  The rest of the stores offered  range of pricing.  The price variation was small enough that I'd probably pick the closest store to me for most of this (aside from the Wee Wee Pads, which I would NOT buy at Kiki's, and the Feline Pine, which I WILL go out of my way to buy at a grocery store and not a pet store).

If you do your own price comparison based on your regular buys, let us know what turns up.