Local Pet Photographer Offering Neighborhood Discounts

scottphoto As the owner of a small dog, I am a sucker for all things pet-related (and have not hidden this from our readers). So of course, when local pet photographer Scott Gordon emailed me about his very reasonably-priced pet portrait services, I jumped at the chance to take Marshmallow in for a session.

A chatty, amicable guy, Scott was exceedingly patient with Mallow, who refused to sit still for most of the time.  (She's deaf, which makes it difficult to tell her to "stay.")  When he saw that she needed a break, he took us on short strolls through his apartment and introduced us to his own dog, Tibet -- a large, friendly mutt who loves to play.

Scott, a native New Yorker, has lived in Clinton Hill for 15 years.  Originally lured to the area via a family connection, Scott is a dedicated resident who says he wouldn't want to live anywhere else.  "This is a beautiful neighborhood," he explained.  "Everyone says that when they come to visit.  And it's true!  You just don't say that about Williamsburg."

Since he's lived in the neighborhood for so long, I ask him about the changes he's seen.  "It's changed slowly," he says, "and not too much.  You wouldn't get out of the car 15 years later and say, 'This is a completely different neighborhood!'"

Scott does pet portraits out of his home, or will travel to your abode for a special session.  As a discount for his neighbors, he is offering a 20% discount for CH residents on portraits done in his home studio!

If you have some done, let us know and we can feature them on the blog.  Here are some of Mallow's shots:



Scott Gordon Photography www.sgordonphoto.com