Lost Cat on St. James Place

I know it's been awhile since I've posted here - that's what happens when renovating a house and simultaneously getting a promotion at work! You all know how much I love pets -- I felt compelled to share this message that just came in to the CHB inbox:

I lost my cat on St. James Place between Gates and Fulton. I fell on the snow and her carrier broke. I would so much like to post her lost flier to your site. I need people to look for her in their back yards and under their stoops. Can you please help? I can't attach the flier I made to this message. Please ask people to look for a very scared solid black cat (with a tiny white spot on the chest.) She's eartipped and very frightened (formerly feral). Please ask from them to call me if they see her so I can pick her up. They should not approach her. She is too scared. Just leave her food if possible, give me the exact location, and I will pick her up. Please help me find Safie, my cat. I am at 212-759-9890. I lost my cell phone while looking for my cat in the snow. Thank You. Liora

Hope all my old readers and neighbors are having a wonderful new year!