Buka: Have You Been Yet?

Reader Ursula just reminded me that Buka's having its soft opening on Fulton.  She says:

i don't  see anything about it on your blog yet, but Buka on Fulton is now (softly) open. i peeked inside, it looks nice, exposed brick, wooden floors & bar - it was all pretty bare on sunday... i'm attaching a pic of menu & window... personally while we already have Joloff right on the corner of st.james/fulton (i was really hoping for something else...), and here's yet another african restaurant, this one looks "classier"... so let's hope it's tasty and becomes a good dining/drinking option in this neck of CH.

I meant to give it a try late last week, but the focus on spicy on the menu dissuade me for the time being.  The prices look really reasonable - bravo.

Have you been yet?  What's your reaction?  I'll try to go in the next few days.

Here's the coverage from B'stoner.