Yesterday afternoon, I walked past Urban Spring and peeked into the window, behind the newspapers hung there. I saw a counter, shelving and cute overhead lights! YES! THEN, this morning, I noticed the window paper had been removed! A tall blonde guy was in the store and I gave him a wave. On my way back from the park, I ran into him outside.

Inspection is TODAY. As long as they get the "OK," they're going to practice during the week and may be open as early as SATURDAY!

It's funny how new storefront openings in our neighborhood attract the kind of frenzy that a boy band in-store appearance might have in the midwest. In the park, my neighbor and I shared stories of anxious waiting - me for Sushi D and he for Choice Market. New stuff in Clinton Hill is kind of like a drug.

More to come...

***Urban Spring is an organic juice bar set to open on DeKalb Ave. near Ft. Greene Park. I wrote about it last month here.