24-Hours in Clinton Hill

Thanks to those who brought the lack of 24-hour amenities to my attention via their comments in the last post. Funny -- this really bothered me when I first moved to CH from Hell's Kitchen, but I've become complacent and have forgotten how nice it is to have a place for drunken noshing (or, just noshing after you work late, etc). The amenity I most sorely miss is 24-hour pizza. I was thrilled to find Mario's pizzaria practically at my doorstop when I moved in, and boy was I disappointed the first night I cabbed it home drunk and hungry circa 3am.

I'm generally not much of a "night owl" myself, but the fact remains that after 10pm or so, there's not many simple services available. Food delivery also ends around this time. It's been more than once that I've gotten home late from traveling after a flight was delayed, only to find an empty refrigerator and no one willing to deliver. Bah.

What do you think we're lacking, as far as round-the-clock services?

(Or even extended hours services. Could the Associated on Waverly close any earlier, especially on Sundays?! By the time I decide what I need to make dinner, the gates are down. Damn them! Then I am reduced to unhealthy Chinese takeout, or a dinner of Triscuits and ice cream.)