Crime Alert

Seems like there was a robbery at the corner of Washington and DeKalb Avenue tonight. The scary parts of this incident was that: It was an armed robbery.

It was only 9:30pm.

The assailants were extremely young.

Now, please note that I did not witness the actual events. I was walking home when I noticed a Police car parked the other way and various personal contents on the ground.

From what I could gather briefly from the victim and some people who were in the area when it happened it sounded like the victim, a teenage Puerto Rican male around High School age, was approached by 3 even younger Black teens with one of the attackers pulling a small handgun out and shoving it into his stomach.

I guess some screaming/shouting occurred and someone on the street quickly called the Police.

Luckily no one was seriously hurt.

One of the witnesses indicated another recent incident where a young Pratt student was recently robbed in the same manner in the same vicinity.

A quick look at the 88th Precinct Crime statistic indicates crime being down but with the students at Pratt returning, Freshmen orientation seemed to have occurred this week, I'm expecting a slight increase.

(Some of those Freshman just don't have a clue about living in a big city.)

With all the development going on this could be a backlash effect as a lot of people who have lived in this area for a long time are suddenly being priced out of their own neighborhood.

(As the nice Mexican restaurant opens up the McDonald's closes across the street...)

Just a little head's up for everyone as I got a feeling it's gonna get worse before it gets better.