Fort Greene Stuff

Damn, there's a lot going on in this vicinity!! Over in the western corner of Fort Greene, SetSpeed reports on the turtle-esque progress of a new BBQ joint (opening where the Cambodian place used to be), as well as the irish pub slated to open next to Le Bagel Delight. This place was advertising broadcasting World Cup games, and it's STILL not open. Maybe they meant the 2008 World Cup? He ponders whether the pub points to the Murray Hill-ification of the 'hood. God, I hope not. I wonder how this'll fit in with the neighbors, and Moe's. The BBQ place definitely seems like a good choice for the area.

Both Clintoncentric and Brooklyn Record have clued us in on the former Italian restaurant on DeKalb that's been undergoing renovations. It's slated to be... Bonita! YESSSSSS. I do admit to the area already having some stellar Mexican (Pequena, Los Pollitos), but Bonita will be significantly closer to me than the other two. Depending on the quality of the guac, it might be tacked on to my list of regular dining options. (FYI, the original is in Williamsburg.)

My bad -- the pub and BBQ are both on South Elliott near Lafayette. Bonita is on DeKalb across from iCi.