An Exciting Surprise

After BklnJay wrote about LaFu, I decided I needed to check it out for myself. When I first moved to CH, I spent quite a lot of time around that corner. It didn't hurt that I had friends who lived across from Moe's, and CH wasn't home to quite as much as it is today. However, in the last year I've been down there less and less. So I was surprised to see all the new stuff with my own eyes!

It seems that only male bloggers have mentioned the new Stuart & Wright boutique in Fort Greene, which led me to believe that it only carried men's apparel. But NO! I peeked inside, and definitely saw lots of lady-tops, high boots and peep-toe shoes!

SWOON! I love that they kept the old sign up outside.

Here's more info.

Um, when did Fillmore open here?

And now for Mullanes. Well... I like the outside design a lot. The inside looks like... any Murray Hill pub. Here's the menu and the hours:

I do like that they're serving food. How many times have you been at Rope and gotten superdrunk because you haven't eaten dinner first? Um, OK, maybe just me (and a few other readers -- you know who you are).

On the OTHER side of the LaFu intersection, next to Academy, is THIS:

This looks cool. The exterior kind of reminds me of HK, in my former neighborhood.

I still haven't tried Le Bagel Delight. They're soooo witty!

At first, I assumed S&W was in the former cleaners closer to CH at Cumberland and Lafayette.

But no. Instead, there's a 7-11 moving in there!!!

Not sure how I feel about this. I'm sure it will be cleaner and bigger than any bodega in the area, and probably less smelly and stocked with more practical stuff (ie it won't have that entire aisle dedicated to those religious candles).

Looks like I'm spending my weekend in LaFu.