On My "you-know-what" List

BklnJay found a flyer for a new cafe in Clinton Hill called Head Over Heels Cafe! Of course we decided to check it out immediately. First, I visited the website.

The first thing that stuck out to me? The flash intro shows almost all Caucasian people dining! There's one Asian and one potentially African-American. Maybe I'm reading too into it, but for one of the most diverse neighborhoods in NYC, it's an interesting choice. The music is mildly irritating as well, and there's no way to shut it off!

Jay and I hopped on the Vespa, eager to explore a new haunt.

As we drove east, I realized that we had passed into Bed-Stuy. No, not THAT far, but still (and the site definitely claims Clinton Hill).

(irritation is building)

We arrive at DeKalb and Skillman, and see... nothing!! A few shuttered Mexican restaurants, but nothing else. No cute cafe, no signs, nothing.

Now I'm highly irritated.

Neither the flyer nor the website indicate that the cafe isn't yet open. Thank god Jay has the Vespa, because if I walked all the way there... grrrrr.

The upside is that the menu, which looks fairly tasty AND reasonably priced. I really admire that they're going to offer several breakfast options under $10. I can only hope if/when this place materializes it offers tasty comfort-breakfasts in a cute atmosphere. Another bonus: the HOURS! Sun-Weds 10am-midnight; Th-Sat 10am-2am. Halleluia!!

UPDATE: I just called them, and the guy who answered said they're open! Hmmm... wonder where they were at 11am this morning.

Anyone been yet? The man on the phone sounded superfriendly, so I'm willing to give it another go.

Head Over Heels Cafe 525 DeKalb Ave. (bt Bedford and Skillman) 718-624-4224

(the inconsistent opening times is a pet peeve of mine in the neighborhood. i prefer to patronize local businesses, but if i come by and you're not open when you say you'll be... annoying!