Mullane's Revisited

The New York Mets are in a very tight series with the St. Louis Cardinals. With Hey Momma and Brooklyn Jay both being HUGE Mets fans we decided that we should meet up at Mullane's to watch the game there and give it another try.I, for one, am sure glad we did.Someone at Mullane's read my previous review and decided to make a few changes. They added REAL BUFFALO WINGS to the menu!
These wings ARE from Buffalo.
They also broadcasted the game in HD! And they even broadcasted the television audio rather than music - an extra nice touch for all the fans that were in attendance.
In HD! No gray bars!
We also tried a new appetizer, a Quesadilla, which was very well received.

Mmm....another good bar food.

I have to say that it was really nice watching a game at a bar in the Nabe. I really had a good time, the Mets winning helped of course, and I'm glad that minor issues I had with the menu selections were addressed.

(Still chick peas in the mussels though...why? Why? For pete's sake, why?)

And, of course, Mullane's has a very good selection of beers which definitely helped to calm my nerves.

I'm headed back tonight, and I think Hey Momma will be in attendance too, to watch the Mets close out the Series with the Cardinals and, hopefully, move on to the World Series.

If anyone wants to stop on by and cheer for the Mets I'll be there. Stop by and say hi. You can't miss me.