Outside the Hill

1. Macheads Rejoice!! Native Brooklynites have opened Brooklyn's first authorized Mac repair shop, Mac Support Store. Thank GOD.

They're in Park Slope, but hey, it's still closer than TekServ. Plus, Lesterhead endorses both Brooklyn businesses and Mac.

The Mac Support Store

561 Ninth Street

Ground Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-312-8341 Live help on ichat: macsupportstore

2. PLG ArtMart -- Sat, Oct 21, 10-5

This looks pretty cool, and I've heard good stuff about the PLG area. Plus, the event sounds really community-oriented. From Across the Park:

The ArtMart planners have 30 or so vendors signed up. Beer will be available for adults, costume design will be available for kids. Area restaurants will be offering lunch specials. The Door, a youth drop in center in Manhattan, is going to be doing outreach at the event as well.