we've got questions, we've got answers

if you're a loyal reader, you'll remember that about a month ago lesterhead posted a shot of that beautiful blue storefront on myrtle ave and wondered what might become of it.... well wonder no more! thanks to a hot tip from the local playground gossip ring, we can now confirm that come 2007, that storefront will be housing something that is defintely cool, useful, and independent: it will be the new home of the pillow cafe.

if you're not familiar with the pillow, it's a fantastic spot that's been on myrtle over in fort greene between adelphi and clermont for the past 2-1/2 years. they serve awesome muffins, fantastic sandwiches (the egg salad, with sliced hard-boiled egg and capers, is a local legend), nice big cups of tea, and the "best coffee", according to a coffe-drinking friend of mine (i'm a tea lady myself).

they are emigrating to clinton hill for the prospect of a bigger and better location, where they will have a playspace for kids and a backyard. woohoo! the menu will remain pretty much the same, except that they'll add brunch, and will have a liquor license. and, as they do in their current location, they'll have wi-fi. (internet, beer + wine, and a place to stick the kid? it's a parent's dream.) and apparently the space is just as beautiful inside as it is outside---they said that every time they go in, they stop and gasp and realize all over again how gorgeous it is.

they're hoping to be in their new digs in january, so keep an eye out, then go on in and welcome them to the hood....

edited to add: realized i forgot to give the exact location when i first posted this: the beautiful blue storefront is on the north side of myrtle between ryerson and grand (hall and emerson, from the south side), across from the blockbuster.