Bonita: Lo Siento!

bonita on dekalb Sorry, guys. It looks like Bonita was only open to friends + family tonight.  CRAP.  I hear the "real" opening is Friday.  Sorry to lead you astray.

A few notes unrelated to this:

  • I had no idea Kum Kau was so good and popular.  I need to go asap.
  • Are you a local photographer (amateur or profesh)?  I'm going to keep up the Friday Photo posts, so if you'd like your pic featured, just email it to us with whatever credit info/link.  Make sure it's taken in CH, Wallabout, Ft Greene or the western edges of Bed-Stuy.
  • Did you go to the SCH meeting tonight?  If so, email me with details.
  • I personally will not be posting tomorrow because I am having Lasik.  Hopefully one of my compadres will come up with something witty in my place.
  • Glad you liked David's interview.  There will be more long-term-resident interviews coming as soon as my eyes heal.