Liquors Syndrome at Washington and Myrtle

snb10495.jpg Received this request for info from one of our readers:

Do you guys have any info at all about the ongoing condo development on Washington and Hall, just north of Myrtle (behind Kum Kau)? I'm a neighbor on Hall Street, and I have been watching the site with concern. It was presented to me as a 40-unit luxury condo project comprised of 2 towers around four to five stories tall. But since the old warehouse that used to be there was torn down in the spring of 2005, there hasn't been much action at all. Any clues?

Maybe there was a delay in development approval? This is not my forte, per say, but one of you out there may know who's behind this alleged development and its delay. (Again, why must everything be so pokey around here? Maybe this building's delay is for the best, but no one likes gazing at an empty lot!)