Tree Hunt

On Saturday, I began my hunt for a Christmas tree. I had hoped for a Scotch Pine, but none were to be found. Instead, I settled for a lovely short-needle tree from the lot at the church on Clinton and Lafayette:

They also have gorgeous wreaths, starting at $20:
I also spied a tree lot on Myrtle between Washington and Hall:

Their selection didn't look as robust, but it was early in the morning.

There is also a lot on Washington just north of Myrtle, but their trees were locked up early in the day behind a fence-thing, so I can't speak to the selection.

Need a GIANT tree? Try Gardel's Garden on South Portland. Last year, Bishop Laughlin HS also set up an enormous lot on Lafayette. The workers were super friendly, and even gave me a free bag of pine branches towards the end of the month. Haven't seen them set up yet this year.

All the lots I've seen so far have a wide range of tree-heights, and they've all included the mini Charley Brown size.

Do you spy a particularly good (or bad) tree lot in the nabe? Email me!