NY's "Other" Park Avenue

Park Avenue in Clinton Hill runs along, and under, the BQE. It looks like it's been abandoned for 50 years or more, with all of the trash, fenced up lots and crumbling buildings. No one walks along the sidewalks there. No one except ClintonHillBlog, that is.

I couldn't believe this gorgeous renovation on the corner of Steuben and Park!

Anyone know what this is used for? I want to live in here. Seriously.

Around the corner, a lone chair sits outside a scraggly building that looks like it might have life inside.

The most intriguing find? This interesting structure made out of an abandoned street sign post.

I wonder who made this, and how many people have come across it? It's hidden secrets like this that make me love exploring the less beaten paths in the neighborhood.

The obvious drawback to this area is the lack of transportation. With all the new developments going up nearby, I wonder how all the new residents will get around. Maybe they can all hop on the B61, which runs down Park, and ride over to Red Hook, another area with no transportation.