Xmas Tree Reuse

Still have your tree around at home? This weekend, you can drop it off at Ft. Greene Park, where it will be turned into mulch for the park. You can even bring your own bag to bring some mulch back home. I wish the park would offer to do a tree pickup, as it would be kind of a pain to drag the prickly tree for several blocks. There are SO many trees on the street now waiting for the trash pickup (though I do think the city mulches them anyway). Anyway, if you're interested in donating your tree to the park, here's the info I received from them:

MulchFest Drop off in Fort Greene Park is Saturday January 6 and Sunday January 7. Sunday January 7, 2007, 12 noon to 4 PM, a Chipper machine will be in the park making the mulch. PLEASE NOTE: All lights, ornaments, and decorations must be removed from the trees prior to drop-off. Participants will be able to take wood chips and/or mulch home from chipping site. Jeff Sandgrund, Park Manager will have staff in the park Saturday and Sunday to ensure that people are dropping off their trees in the right spot.

Ten reasons to participate in MulchFest: 1) recycling is good for the environment 2) contribute your tree and help maintain the park 3) keep your holiday decorations working for you and the community by mulching 4) get free mulch for your own garden (bring bags) 5) get to know more about the park and the FGPC 6) introduce kids to the ecological systems in nature 7) get exercise by hauling your tree to the park 8) meet neighbors 9) get free hot chocolate on Sunday during the Chipper session. 10) see how big your neighbor's tree was