Bank of America: Grand Opening

image001.gif I have a few things to say about this:

1. LOVE the idea for the new campaign. Hopefully MARP will provide info on the "18 local merchants" featured so I can post it here. I see Karen on the bottom right! Some of you recently posted on wanting a fish market. There's a guy on the bottom holding a fish! Let's find out what his deal is.

2. How exactly does a chain bank tie in with this campaign? Hey, I'm all for more banks nearby (though I'm annoyed at the lack of an HSBC), but just wondering.

3. Why do all these community events have to be on a weekday afternoon? It was the same with the CH Co-Ops co-generation celebration-thing. I know it's good to have local politicians on-hand and maybe it's harder to schedule them on the weekends. But if this stuff is for the community...well, it would be nice to be able to attend, that's all.

4. Tish James is scheduled to appear. I have to give her props for seemingly being everywhere at all times. I've never had a local politician be so visible.