"Affordable" Haunted House

One of my fav Haunted Houses in the neighborhood has been undergoing a gut renovation the last several weeks. Brownstoner has the scoop -- it's being renovated by the PACC and sold "affordably." (600k) snb11060.jpg Looks like the PACC has several houses for sale with the same situation, many of which will be sold in the 400k range (!!!).

I find this tremendously frustrating, as it's for first-time home buyers only. I understand that, but the only way I personally might afford one of these deals would be to sell my co-op and put the profit towards one of these deals. Without that financial gain, I could never afford one of these places.

Maybe YOU can, and you're a first-time buyer. If so, let me know how it goes.


Otherwise on Waverly, the house Haunted by Bad Taste is on the market now (the owner passed away recently).

snb11059.jpg I wonder if the ornamental SpongeBob is included in the deal:

snb10977.jpg Then there's this renovated house, FSBO:


LOTS of action on this block (between Lafayette and Greene Greene and Gates).