Heavenly Crumbs: Yes, Indeed

heymama recently posted about a new bakery she discovered on Franklin called Heavenly Crumbs.  Being a sucker for sweets, I needed to try it myself. She. Was. Right.

Actually, Jay and I had planned on doing a little baked-goods-tasting-comparison in the area, and we started at Cake Man Raven. They had nothing out, and the woman at the register was less than engaging.  So after rolling our eyes, off we went to HC.

I really don't think I've ever had a tastier cupcake.  Seriously.  I've already eaten a chocolate with coconut frosting and the signature "passion fruit" cupcake.  The cake is supermoist, and the frosting is PERFECT.  I'm personally not a fan of ultra sweet, texture-y frosting, and Shannon's frosting is just perfect.

I have the red velvet and the triple-berry left.  They're enormous, so I am saving two for tomorrow :)

snb11267.jpg The info, once again:

heavenly crumbs 355 franklin ave. @ greene and lexington 718-623-6271 heavenlycrumbs.com