Bagel World is OPEN

YES! Jay texted me Saturday morning to let me know BW was open for business, so we made plans to check it out first thing Sunday morning. snb11224.jpg We arrived around 10am, so it was fairly quiet (with regular flow of patrons in and out). First impressions: good layout (register near the back, avoiding weird line congestion a la Bergen Bagel). Also, good selection of cream cheeses.

snb11227.jpg snb11225.jpg

The guy in charge told us to check out the heated outdoor-ish back room, so we did.


Cool! Ample seating, and out of the way of other people in line and ordering.

Another bonus: TONS of pastries and cookies, in case you're not up for a bagel or sandwich.


Our order: I had a toasted sesame with olive cream cheese, and Jay had a toasted everything with regular cc.

toasted sesame at bagel world jay's breakfast

Jay felt that Bagel World's (BW) bagels are better than Bergen Bagel (BB), but I myself prefer Bergen taste-wise (and I think Bergen has better olive cc). BW's bagels were very crispy and ARE made on-site (bonus). The guys working at BW also seemed far more cordial than those at BB. The main guy behind the counter (manager? owner?) was exceptionally friendly and eager to serve. Let's hope that's the standard and not just opening @sskissing.

BW is localed on DeKalb Ave between Clermont and Adelphi.


Bagel World. Stupid name, good bagels.

The first thing I noticed was how well stocked, neat and organized this place was which, I guess it's to be expected since this is their second location. The staff really had thier act together too. Attentive, pleasant and there when you needed them but not in a pushy sort of way.

I ordered my favorite - an everything bagel, toasted, with regular cream cheese and a small coffee, light and sweet.

Mmmm...good bagel.

First thing I noticed is how well the bagel was topped and how it did indeed have a little bit of everything. The bagel was crunchy from the toasting on the outside and still soft and chewy on the inside - just perfect. The cream cheese was good too with just the right amount to perfectly compliment the bagel's coating. You can taste a little bit of everything but the salt was the most predominant flavor - not that I'm complaining as I like salt. (But a salt bagel on it's own always makes me feel like my blood pressure's just increased by 300%.)

Mmmm...good bagel.

The coffee was eh but I wasn't expecting it to be amazing - just passable enough to go with my bagel in the morning which it is.

Overall I'd have to say Bagel World has a slightly better bagel than Bergen, which is my local, and Le Bagel Delight and I would rank them currently in that order.