Intriguing Bakery

I can't believe no one's written about this yet, but it appears there's already a new business ready to open in the old Blimpie's location. (LaFu, Lafayette and S. Elliott. And while I'm at it, I am NOT using the term LaFu to describe a trendy mini-nabe. I KNOW this is Fort Greene. But the streets here DO create an interesting triangle and a lot has been going on there. So I am using "LaFu" to denote the location. I would not say this is "in" LaFu, but rather "AT" LaFu, before more people get annoyed. Just saying.) So, anyway, there's a new place that looks kind of like a bakery (a chain bakery??)snb11232.jpg


I'm confused by this. Since there's a sign inside that says "pan plus," I assumed "pan" referred to the Spanish word for bread, which would make sense if the sign outside said "PAN & MAS (bread & more)," but it says PAM & MAS.

What is going on here?