Bar on Waverly: More Info

Months ago, we discovered something that looked like a new bar on Waverly between Fulton and Atlantic. I recently found someone inside, who gave me this promo card: bar1.jpg


"Who Knew." Argh! Despite this list of events being alphabetical, it's kind of odd that baby showers would be listed first. I'm not sure what a Preemie Martini is, but I hope it's not referring to babies born early. Anyhow, the inside does, in fact, look pretty cool, so maybe someone out there in CH wants to host their baby shower there and report back? And of course, their website is not up yet.

Jelani Lounge 507 Waverly Avenue (bt Fulton and Atlantic) 718-230-JBAR

One more comment on the phone number. For those of us who have BlackBerries, we cannot dial-by-letter. Please, just tell me what the actual number is.