The Stroll

I came across a new vintage-ish clothing store last weekend, though they claim to have been open since Thanksgiving. I see how that's possible- this place is on that teeny stretch of S. Portland between Fulton and Hanson, and I'd have no reason to walk there.dscf0175.jpg

The gold mannequins are a little creepy.

It's owned by the same people who own Habana Outpost, and I believe one of Habana's owners is the clothing designer at The Stroll. It appears he takes vintage items and remakes them. Some of the stuff was really out there, but there were a few things I would have definitely worn.


There's a really cool mural painted on the ceiling:


They offered me a free glass of wine, and they also offer carious crafting nights:


The Stroll 109 South Portland St. Ave.