I constantly hear reference to two separate buildings in the area being called The Chocolate Factory. Are they both former chocolate factories? The first contender sits on the corner of Washington and Park. I think it's pricey rentals.

chocolate factory?

OK, yes, it is. Here's the building's website. Looks like large 1br apartments (1k square feet) rent for around $2100, and the building used to be a tootsie roll factory. I've also heard rumors of there being a bar nearby called The Chocolate Bar (Google lists its address as 45 Waverly Ave.), and that it may or may not be a gay bar. Where the hell is this place, and why haven't I ever seen it? It does seem to have a MySpace page. (More on this tomorrow.) Then, we have what I think is the original "Chocolate Factory" residence, on Spencer and Myrtle. This place is condos. Here's more info from Corcoran. chocolate factory condos

Now that I've lived in the area for awhile, I'd probably live in this place. But if I was checking it out for the first time? Man, this area is desolate and crappy.

So, which is it? Which one is THE Chocolate Factory?

An intensive Google search reveals that our area was once the second biggest chocolate-making area in the country. No wonder I feel right at home here.