Lost Cat

Just received this note: I live on Clinton Avenue between Myrtle & Park. I noticed that on your blog you have a section for pets. Is it possible to list a missing cat? We've been scouring the neighborhood all day and I thought that your blog might bring her home sooner, in case one of our neighbors has seen her.

This took us by surprise because we live on the second floor and we have a porch and we think that she must've jumped down somehow because there's no other way she could've gone out of the building. We've been in this house for about a year and half now, but this is a first.

Here is her description:

Sadie is 3 years old, she has black fur and yellow eyes. She's small to medium size, but her legs are rather short. She has been declawed (she's been a house cat until now). She isn't wearing her tags. She has been vaccinated and spayed. She isn't very friendly towards people she isn't used to. She was last seen on Clinton Avenue between Myrtle and Park. She may have traveled over to Vanderbilt via backyard spaces. If you have any information, please call my cell phone: 917-822-7231. Thank you so much, Sinclaire I'd be beside myself if I lost my cat or dog, so if you've seen Sadie, please call her owner: