New Florist: 1001 Affairs

Last week, I mentioned that the florist on Fulton had closed. Commentors were correct about a NEW florist taking over -- they're already open! Called 1001 Affairs, they already have a case stocked with fresh flowers (though there are some fake flowers in the front dsc_0040.jpg dsc_0042.jpg

They participate with Teleflora, which means they should be stocked with all the essentials, plus be able to turn out some pretty nice arrangements.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a small, but nice selection of greeting cards as well. They have plenty of granny-style traditional cards, but have one section dedicated to cool, artsy cards. I picked up two of these:


The store owner's brother picked these up for him -- they're handmade, and I took the last ones (sorry!). But he's set to get more. Hopefully if enough of us shop there for cool cards, he'll keep a huge supply in stock.

1001 Affairs 1001 Fulton At. (at Cambridge) Brooklyn, NY 11238 718-398-2211