dscf1479.jpg It seems like everywhere you look in the neighborhood now there's a new cafe/coffee shop. But that's cool with me as long as they're offering good service and tasty treats/coffee.

The latest is Bittersweet, in former home of Location-Location-Location (which has moved to S. Portland by Pequena in a very cute space), offers simple decor close to the park (this is key when walking home with the dog, right around the time you realize you need a coffee, badly). They also sell pastries from Balthazar. I've only stopped in once (the day I left for Poland), but damn, the berry scone I had was great. I also saw Keri Russell walk past me on the street that day, as an aside. A friend tells me the iced Americano is THE best coffee in the 'hood right now.


Per the Village Voice, they also offer some interesting ice cream flavors as well...

Bittersweet DeKalb Avenue between Carlton and Cumberland