More Thai on Myrtle: Marree? Mallee?

Yes, folks, the tips have been pouring in all week. There's a new Thai place opening on Myrtle, in the space formerly occupied by Pillow Cafe. new thai on myrtle

The sign is pretty nice overall, but that font is really misleading. Marree? Mallee?

It's actually Manee Thai, and the sign is a play on mixing Thai and English script.

Next question: Does Myrtle Ave need a third Thai restaurant? Interestingly enough, Manee is being opened by the son and current owners of Myrtle Thai. Perhaps we are witness to a Thai empire rising?

Manee should be opening early next week, but that's not yet set in stone. I've heard mixed reviews about both Thai 101 and Myrtle Thai, though myself have had nice dining-in experiences and slow-ass delivery service from both establishments. Wonder if Maree will offer something new? Send in your reviews when Manee opens its doors.

Manee 372 Myrtle Avenue Between Adelphi & Clermont 718-222-9992