923 Fulton: THE SCOOP

dsc_0015.jpg This morning, I was working on a little Fulton Street photo session when I came across 923 Fulton (bt Clinton and Waverly), open and being renovated!  Many of you have asked WTF is going on, so I ran over and talked to the owner who was sweeping the sidewalk.  The answer?  Nothing, yet.  For now, the space is just being generally renovated and a realtor is working on finding an interested business tenant for the storefront.  The owner was really friendly, and asked me what I thought neighbors might want.  I, of course, mentioned a bakery and a book store.  Krumbs will be coming soon to CH North, but how nice would it be to have a bakery on Fulton?!  She wants to avoid a business that'll be doing "heavy cooking," but anything else is fair game.

So?  What do you want?  Leave comments and I'll report back to her.