Tamboril: A Quickie Review

I dined at Tamboril last Friday!  I'm waiting for BrooklynJay to go and write up his traditional review, but I'll share some preliminary thoughts. dscf1584.jpg

First, the space looks great.  Warm colors, nice furniture and a cool use of what could have been an awkward space.  The wait staff was exceptionally friendly and prompt as well.  I had a special coconut shrimp appetizer special with a fried chicken dish, plus shared the bread pudding for dessert.  Everything was really flavorful, and the place got pretty full later in the evening.  They'll start serving brunch this weekend- yay! Now, here are my gripes, which seem to apply to ALL new restaurants in the 'hood.  Tamboril does not have its liquor license yet, nor are they accepting credit cards.  I assume both of these conditions will change in the next few weeks, but it's still a major inconvenience to the customer!  The plus side to the BYOB is that is makes dinner exponentially cheaper, and Tamboril isn't charging any corking fee (ahem).  However, the credit card thing really pisses me off.  This likely means you must depart the restaurant for an ATM and then deal with getting change and splitting up small bills between friends later in the evening.  I just don't understand why these places can't wait another week or so to open until they have that stuff in place.  I've definitely walked away from a place I was about to dine at when learning they didn't take cards.  Yes, accepting credit cards is an expense for businesses, but when you have a huge space to fill with customers, it's necessary.  Dear restaurants yet to open: get your ducks in a row, and then open! Tamboril 527 Myrtle Ave.