Visit to Frank White

Wow. WOW. I stopped into Frank White last Friday and I have to say, I was blown away! The space inside is completely gorgeous. I'd kinda like the decorator to renovate my apartment. There's a lot of open space, gorgeous chandeliers, cool magazines to read. The space thing may prove awkward once they become busier, as there's not a whole lot of seating (right now, a table and chairs, plus the two chairs near the window and a window seat). They do have a large back garden area, however, that will tide them over until cold weather season. funky lamp at frank whiteAs readers have commented, the name IS a throwback to the Notorious B.I.G., and they'll soon have a permanent photo of him hung inside. Pretty awesome, seeing as he grew up just up the street. They plan on doing various art installations as well. I suspect the space would be amazing for private parties as well.

When I stopped in, I met the managers as well as another woman on staff. They were all super excited and very nice. The service was great! Props to them for opening such a gorgeous space. Be sure to stop by and check it out - we need to make sure they get enough foot traffic to stick around.


Frank White cafe/gallery/social 936 Atlantic Ave. at St. James Pl.

Hours are currently 7am to 3pm, so it looks to be a coffee/pastry/hangout place for the time being.

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