Speakeasy: First Impressions

I dined at Speakeasy last night with two friends.  Apologies for not having my camera -- it was late (around 9 pm), and I had just returned home from a stressful grad class, and I forgot to bring it. For 9 pm on a Monday night, the place was pretty full.  There were a large number of people there who were just chilling at the bar, and most tables were full.  The atmosphere inside was quite nice, and I personally thought the decor looked great.  The chandelier is gorgeous! The crowd was also very diverse.  My friends also spotted a famous actor there dining (but I didn't know who he was). Food: we started with spicy wings as an appetizer. They came with a sort of sweet-spicy glaze and were topped with fresh cilantro.  Excellent, I thought.  Between us for dinner, we tried the roast chicken, the miso-glazed salmon and the... short rib?  All were really great -- flavorful and well-seasoned -- and there really is something to the idea of "comfort food."  Suddenly, we all felt kind of snuggly and content (seriously, we did).  We waited a really long time between our wings and the entrees, which was really the only problem we encountered during the evening.  Also, a few "key" items were not yet available, namely the lamb and the steak.  Will have to go back for those another time.

Not bad for opening night.

The prices, as noted by several readers, are a little too high. If the entrees were all $3 less, I'd probably go for dinner there quite often.  Also, my Heinekin was $6 (!!!).  I'm really looking forward to them serving brunch, especially on a snowy morning, since I live close by.

Anyone else go last night?  I know this place has received a lot of flack in the comments, but do go check it out before hating on it!  I thought it was lovely overall.