88th Precinct Meeting TONIGHT

FROM SCH: There is a Precinct Council meeting tonight, 7:30 pm, at Teen Challenge, 444 Clinton Ave., between Gates and Greene.

This is a good opportunity to talk to the precinct officers. You can raise issues, ask questions and learn more about what is going on.

The Society for Clinton Hill was very disappointed in the lack of police presence for our Halloween Walk Oct. 31, for example....and for the House Tour as well. On Halloween night there were thousands of young children in costume crossing streets and watching the play at 313 Clinton Ave. At one point a large group of motorcyclists came speeding down Clinton Ave. going right past #313 where there were people in the street and filling the sidewalks. Where were the police? They said they would be out and about, but no one we know saw a single car or officer. These kinds of things and others as well, need to be addressed.

We can report that the president of PUPS and her German shepphard Tim were out walking yesterday when they saw a mugger shove a woman, grab her purse and run. They both took out running after the mugger yelling to him to drop the purse or the dog would ....well, you know...try to get the purse back. The mugger looked back at Tim, who is a serious looking dog, and threw the purse down and ran. The owner, the muggee, the police officers, and yes, Tim, were all very proud of this local dog who did good.

If you don't have man's best friend, there are many shelters with wonderful dogs just waiting to take care of you....ASPCA, Animal Care and Control, and others.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Remember, no general meeting in December.