Problems at the CH Library?

I recently received this email from a reader: Hey there,

I consistently have trouble with the Clinton Hill library branch. I'm not too bothered by the poor customer service, which is on par with out Post Office, but I'm bothered that they don't process my books when I return them. I should try returning one to Clinton Hill and one to the main branch to prove the lapse in time of return.

I usually get a $.50 late charge every time I return it there, but I currently owe $25 on a travel book that I returned in August. I'm curious to know if any other CH residents and blog readers have had any problems.

Personally, I haven't had any problems with them. I enjoy having a library close by, and I often request books online and have them sent for free to the CH branch. The facilities are horribly dated, but otherwise I haven't run into any annoyances. Anyone else had issues there?

(FYI, the library is located at 380 Washington Ave. bt Lafayette and Greene)

Perhaps these problems will be remedied once the library is rebuilt!  Brownstoner did a post about it last month here.  Though I suspect while they rebuild it'll mean we're without a library.