Speakeasy Open for Brunch

Speakeasy is now doing brunch Saturdays and Sundays. Personally, I'm psyched. It's right down the street from me, and they're just in time for the winter weather. I fully expect to slither over most weekends for some coffee and french toast in sweats and a scarf! library-5913.jpg

So far, I've been twice.  On my first jaunt, I tried the Ackee & Salt Fish.  It was really tasty and unique, and service was friendly.  Yesterday, though, I had the omlette.  It was very good, but the service was atrocious.  The waiter wouldn't give me a mimosa as part of the brunch deal (and the omlette is marked as such), and then charged me extra for a coffee  (I had tea, but the menu clearly states you get coffee/tea AND a booze drink). Let's hope that guy was just a blip on the radar.

As I've said about the dinner menu, I kind of think everything should be $2-$3 cheaper.  But it's still tasty overall, and nice to have nearby.

(Speakeasy is located at the corner of Waverly and Greene.)