Identity Theft: Beware!

Received this from a reader: I just called the 88th precinct to tell them someone stole my social security # and DOB to apply for a credit card in my name. And they said that I was the second person to call them this morning, in the same area (I'm on the CH/BS border), to report the same thing. So someone is in the Clinton Hill-Bed-Stuy area, rifling through mail and stealing idenitities. I'm awful about shredding so I'm sure they got it from some past bill or something.

In any case, Discover card actually has the address of the person who filed the application in my name, but they can't release it to me. I had to alert the credit bureaus that I'm a victim of identity theft (the # is 1-800-525-6285 -- the alert then appears on all three credit agencies for 90 days), and when I get my credit report, I can then bring it to the police station and file a report. The police then take it from there (tho who knows if they will).

But clearly, there's a trend in the hood, and the more people who are aware of it the better.

Pass it on.

If this happens to you, please report it right away! And don't forget to shred your discarded mail.