High-End Grocers are Everywhere (EVEN ON FULTON!)

Oh boy, people. We're on the cusp of an insane explosion...of chi chi grocers! So far, we have:

  • Fresh Garden (Fulton and Lafayette - TriLaFu!) -- They have a nice flower selection, thank GOD:


  • L'Epicerie (Vanderbilt south of DeKalb): Allegedly cranky service, but also allegedly offering amazing dinners now
  • Karrots (Myrtle at Clinton): A little too crunchy for my personal taste

Soon, we'll have:

  • Provisions, a gourmet grocery from the fine folks at the Greene Grape (Fulton at St. Portland):


  • Union Market, at the corner of Fulton and Rockwell [BK Paper]
  • Choice Market's new place on Greene near Grand:


  • AND... (drumroll)...GREEN PLANET, to open at 969 Fulton (between Washington and St. James). All I know is that it'll sell "organic food, health food and juices."


Do you think they'll be successful?

And finally, just a shout-out to the slightly dank but decently-stocked Associated on Waverly between Lafayette and Greene, which has been increasing their inventory of organic foods and "green" cleaning supplies. Plus, the staff is so friendly!