Today's weather was freeeeezing (and I think it got exponentially colder in the hour I was there). It didn't discourage the crowds, however. Holy CRAP was it crowded in there! The food vendors, especially the waffle place and Choice made bank, with long lines stretching halfway down the track field. I purposely left my wallet at home, but had I brought it, you bet I would have been in line for some warm food and drink. As well as walked out with a ton of gorgeous jewelry. I saw a lot of really great stuff, notably the jewelry and many of the t-shirt tables. Some of my personal favorites:



(drink and dream, above)


(lois aronow ceramics, above)


(lost the card for this place, but they do gorgeously reupholstered vintage chairs)


Was it just me, or was it a bit hard to navigate? I felt like I had trouble figuring out how to see everything.  A word of warning -- there are no dogs allowed.  Plenty of people carried their small dogs inside, but leave your giant pup at home.  I suppose I understand not wanting a bunch of pee and poop inside the flea, but it would be really nice to bring the dogs along.

It was strange to see so many hipsters out and about on Lafayette Ave.  A tip -- if you have a car, secure your street spot before the flea starts every Sunday.

(props to Jon Butler and Eric Demby for organizing!)