B38 LTD!

Here comes a bus complaint again, but dude, this one is totally legit! Have you ever tried taking the B38 down DeKalb in the morning?  The bus schedule says "Frequent Service," but that's kind of a misnomer.  What it means is that frequently one will have to wait for 15 minutes, at which point three B38 busses will come roaring down the street, the first one packed and the next two empty.  I've never been able to figure out why this can't be modified.

And, my prayers have been answered!  Yesterday, the MTA kicked off B38 LTD service along DeKalb and Lafayette!   In BS/CH/FG, the stops are at Nostrand, Bedford, Classon and Vanderbilt, and then the bus runs all the way down to Flatbush!



Has anyone tried it out yet?