Neighborhood Gyms

Someone asked me recently about neighborhood gyms, and as it turns out, it looks like I may be joining one of them soon (I currently belong to a gym near my office, but I'm starting a new job next week!).  I hope to visit them both this weekend, but in the meantime, here are my general thoughts on each: Crunch Fort Greene 691 Fulton St.

  • Open extended hours
  • Ability to work out at other Crunch locations (ie near my new office)
  • Fun, funky classes
  • Could be pricey
  • Decent selection of morning and evening classes
  • So-so weekend class schedule

YMCA Bed-Stuy 1121 Bedford Ave.

  • Much more affordable monthly membership
  • Pool
  •  Seemingly good community programs for kids and teens (not applicable to me, but beneficial for families)
  • Very affordable personal training available
  • Brand new facility

These are my vague impressions thus far.  The affordability of the Y is a big factor, but so is the convenience of extra locations with Crunch for working out near both work and home.

Have a particularly good or bad experience with either?