CHB Reviews: Kif

outside at kif Finally! After so much positive reader feedback, I was able to hit up Kif on Friday evening. I know many people loved Liquors, but to be honest, I was never really that into their food or service. Though it will always have a place in my heart, as it's the very first place I ate at in the neighborhood several years ago.

I'm glad to report that Kif seems to be offering tastier food and friendlier service!

I met up with BrooklynJay, who I haven't seen in months. We were able to snag a prime spot out back (glad to say they're also utilizing the back yard!), and started with falafel and pita/hummus. The hummus was great, and the pita bread was amazing -- warm, lightly baked and yet soft. Perfect for dipping.

hummus and pita

Jay had the burger. He was sick with a bad cold, so he wasn't his usual chipper self (or I would have made him write this review). Still, he cleaned his plate and said that the burger was tasty with a good mix of Moroccan-type spices.


I had the couscous royal, which was filled with veggies and a few kinds of meat. I normally wouldn't order couscous, but the reader comments persuaded me. It was delicious, and came with a bunch of sauces.


The best thing, though, was the dessert. We tried the orange flower creme brulee, and OMG. It really tasted like the smell of orange blossoms, and it might rival Chez Lola's lavender bread pudding as tastiest dessert in the area (though I think that's still my favorite).



The inside was lavish without looking overdone, and I hear they offer hookah service after 11pm. Service was very friendly, and I felt like the owner made a good effort to offer a warm welcome to everyone. (To be honest, I have heard more than one report that he's a bit chilly to same sex couples -- any feedback on this?)

Kif 219 DeKalb Ave.

(note: the photos are not the best, I know. It was really dark inside and out back!)