More on Design by RePop

Many of you commented and emailed me about pricing on RePop's new interior design services (post about my experience here). Here's more info straight from the guys: RePOP's design services cover a great range depending upon the needs of the client. Sometimes we go in and revamp what the client already has to work with, and at other times we refurnish and redo entire areas of the home. We are capable of hanging wallpaper. painting, dealing with electrical issues as well as combining the vision of the client along with our own. Since we are constantly rebooting and rearranging the RePOP boutique, we are not like other interior performers who are adamant about going in a direction that you are not comfortable with. We work with the client to ensure that whatever changes are made inspire and delight the person whom they are being made for. After all, it's your space and should reflect comfort, style and beauty in a fashion you can identify with.

The initial two hour consultation is free. We arrange a time to come over and chat with you about your space over tea or wine. If you decide you like what we have to offer, we can begin the process! (Our fee for labor is a competitive $40 per hour). Currently we only use two designers and in a situation as with lesterhead's space we were able to perform the necessary task in less than 12 hours. (obviously, each situation varies) Fee does not include materials such as paint and supplies or any additional furnishings, decoratives or lighting you would like to accent your home with. If you are on a tight budget we are often able to locate great pieces for less than most designer stores. However, we are certainly not opposed to mixing styles or purchasing items for the client outside of RePOP sources. We enjoy a vast array of designers, but are not set on using true design pieces if the client is going more for a look rather than a collection. Some designer pieces clients have enjoyed in the past are mostly in the mid-century modern or danish modern aesthetic including Milo Baughman, Omann Jun, Knoll, George Nelson, Thonet, Craft Associates and others. However, we also enjoy primitive, industrial, deco, shabby and antique pieces as well and often enjoy showing people how amazingly easy it can be to blend many styles for an ultimate living experience.

If you are interested in meeting with us, you may contact Russell or Carl at 718-260-8032.