Visiting Root Stock & Quade

The lovely new flower shop finally opened on Myrtle mid-month. I stopped in last weekend to pick up a bouquet. chb-1.jpg

The shop boasts a select but impressive selection of fresh flowers, as well as vases, gardening tools and even cute candles.


Kerry, the other half of the Root Stock & Quade tea, was on-hand to make up a custom bouquet for me. She asked what kind of vessel I'd be putting the flowers in, my price range and the style I liked. For $40, she put this enormous, gorgeous selection of purple lilacs and white peonies together for me:


Not cheap for sure, but not unreasonable for a huge bouquet. These will make impressive gifts for friends' birthdays for sure.

The back garden should be open by now -- check it out!

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Root Stock & Quade 471 Myrtle bt Washington and Hall