A friend of mine who has recently moved to London desperately needs to find a home for her adorable cat ASAP. Here are the details: Boris -- fantastic, smart, loveable Boris -- lived in Clinton Hill from 1999 until this month, when his mom (Clintoncentric) moved to London because her husband took a job there. It was too hard to bring Boris with them, not knowing where they would live, or whether their new apt would allow cats, so she found him a new home and mom in Williamsburg.

The problem is, Boris has warmed up to his new mom, but she's realized she doesn't have the time to take of him, and wants to get rid of him by this coming Wednesday, June 3.

Boris is a fantastic cat for the right owner -- i.e., one who has the time to love him. He's also famous (as you can see from the video in this link http://mycatboris.blogspot.com/). So if you are interested in adopting him, or know someone who would be, email boristhefamouscat@gmail.com asap. Thanks!